Distributed Free of Charge to Paid Advertisers, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Retail Locations, Churches, Schools,

and Other Locations During the Two-Year Printing & Publishing Period


Fully Researched by Our Staff for Accurate & Up-to-Date Information


This Guide is a Valuable Resource to Users. The First Printing Will Be in Fall-2016. Additional Printings, with Updates, Will Occur,

(Based on Total Paid Advertising Sales) Throughout the Two-Year Distribution Period. Your Paid Advertisement, Viewed by Thousands,

Will Remain in All Printings Through the Two-Year Period, Estimated to End in Fall-2018.


Our goal is to print and distribute 5,000 copies of Presnell’s Business and Church Directories™ over the two-year period.



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of The Central Blue

Ridge Mountains


Serving Northwestern North Carolina

& Southwestern Virginia


Including Government Agencies

and Non-Profit Organizations


Plus, Our Exclusive Area



Listings Include Cell Phone Numbers,

Emails, and Web Pages